Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Card to Santa Clause

Room 10
Glenbrae School
Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes 1072

Dear Santa,

I would really like a Xbox 360 with RWC 2011 the full version when it is on sale at The Warehouse or JB-HI-FI and when I grow up I want a good education.

I wish for the people in Christchurch to have a better life and have new houses, new cars and new work buildings.I want the kids to have a good education.

Your Sincerely,  
Malulu Faaui     

My Mihi

Ko Mt Wellington toku maunga.
Ko Tamaki toku awa.
Ko Siueva toku papa.
Ko Faitalia toku mama.
Ko Aotearoa toku whenua.
Ko Leybourne Circle,Glen Innes Auckland toku kainga.
Ko Malulu toku ingoa

My Bio Poem

My Bio Poem

Kind, friendly and loving
Lover of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA),sports and wrestling
Who wonders how its going to be at college
Who fears spiders, bees and stingrays
Who feels like a superstar when he is playing rugby
Who is able to stand up for himself and his family
Who would like to visit his uncle and aunty In Australia
Who dreams about seeing ‘The World Wrestling Entertainment Universe’

Who is related to a  All black/Blues Fullback named Isaia Toeava
Who feels refreshing every morning
Who fears the black widow,Bullies,horrors and losing a family member
Who needs support when a tragedy happens
Who gives Donations to the Cancer Society
Who would like to see Tuvalu and Samoa one day