Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Holiday

Woohoo! In the holidays Me, my Dad and my Brother went to the Tamaki College Fields to play some goal kicks.

When we arrived we walked to the fields and agreed that whoever gets the most kicks in through the post that the loser buys lunch so we started practising  kicking the ball around.My Dad was First to kick the ball to the goal posts and at the end the result he got was 2/5.

Next was my Brother, now this was tough because my brother is a very good kicker and the first three he nailed it but then lost it on the last two. Finally it was my turn so the score I needed to get is at least 4 in to win so I got three in and I needed this one to go in so I can win and I don’t need to buy lunch and I go for the kick and in it goes and I shouted “YES YES YES” and my dad was shocked that I got it in.

SO we jumped in the car and we went to Burger King and my dad shouted us lunch. I Ordered the BBQ Rodeo and it was Delicious.After that we jumped in the car and we drove home.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bike Recount

Thursday 14 February 2013

Yippee!! Yesterday some of the students from Room 10 Joan, Jerome, Hannah, Alex, Gemima, Kato, Edwina and I were chosen to put together some really fantastic new bikes for wheels day.

We followed Miss Maruariki to room 6 and we each picked up a box and carried it to the hall  and started stripping the box open.While we started putting it together we were confused about which part connected to which. So we got a little help from Ms Cooper. Alex and I had the most difficult bikes to put together out of the nine bikes we had to assemble.

Miss Maruariki and Miss Cooper helped assemble Alex’s and my bikes. When we all finished it was time to go home.We had lots of fun building and putting together the bikes. It was a fun experience.

The bikes we assembled were used by our junior school students on wheels day which was a fun day to start our topic ‘Transport’.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Soccer Skills

"Hooray!"Today Room 10 had soccer practice with Ben.It started raining and we did not no what to do so we went to the hall and nobody was there so we walked back to the court and Ben was waiting for us.

When we arrived on the court Ben split us into 6 groups. I was put into Group 6 with Lisiate, Tama and June. The first group we competed against was Group 1. Their team was very skillful and very fast like lightning. When Ben blew the whistle it was loud as a bunch of monkeys, it was game over and Group 1 won by 5 to 0.

We went to another court and competed against Group 4 and we won by 7-0.We learned how to control the ball a bit better from that game. We went onto the other court and competed against group 3 and this was our last game and we needed to improve our ball skills. We started and I shouted at Tama “Pass me the Ball”.

Tama replied “ Hold on Malulu I’ve got to get past Douglas” and we all shouted and said “ Go for it Go for it”, and GOAL and it was right on time and Ben blew the whistle.We all gathered around and said, "Thank you Ben!".

Friday, 5 July 2013

Math Whizz

Today I learned about Measures. I learned about grams, kilograms, centremetres litres and more, This activity I had to see which of the options on the side shows the mass of Elly the Elephant.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Maths Whizz

This post is about Maths Whizz where I learned about place value where you had to round the number to the nearest ten.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Magda the Mammoth Hunter.

This is screenshot of my Activity that I did.It is called The Great Word game where you had to guess the word that the computer gives you.The picture shows you that I got 5/5.