Monday, 24 November 2014

Alex & Malulu How to choose a muesli bar.

I learnt that it is good to look at the labels of the bars that you eat.So you can see the amount of energy, fibre, fat and whole grain and I learnt that some bars are good for you and some bars are bad.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Hero Story

A Hero’s Story.

Setting-New York City
Hayden(The Uber Tide)Super-Strength - Hayden’s powers mean he’s now the strongest person alive, able to hurl cars at fleeing bad guys, knock over buildings with my bare hands, and accidentally wrench doors off their hinges at every opportunity.
Tevita(The Web Flamer)Spider-Powers - Tevita’s powers give’s him the advantages of a spider - wall-crawling, super-fast reaction times, amazing strength, and the ability to produce a white, sticky and not-metaphoric-in-the-slightest substance!

Story is a about 2 best friends who fight crime in New york city and then have a fallout about who does all the fighting and who saves the day all the time.Then one night they get a beep alert from Professor Einstein on a very important mission, the mayor has been kidnapped by the joker.Be in touch to see if Hayden and Tevita save the day or does the mayor get killed in the hands of the evil joker..........

Explanation about Jellyfish.

Jellyfish’s,stingy and dumb, are found in all oceans.90% live in freshwater.Jellyfish,colourful and large, are brightly coloured and can often be transparent or translucent.Some are very hard to see and are nearly invisible to the human eye.Some people think that jellyfish is a fish because of the word Jellyfish.

Me and Alex's Loom Band Status

Firstly, me and my friend Alex think that loom bands should be banned because they distract people’s learning, and it’s a distracting equipment. Since we have had loom bands in our school, people have been fighting, arguing and people have been stood down for not playing fair.If it isn’t banned, they should let the people who play fair, play with them and ban those who do not play fair.


Beginning of Holidays and nothing to do.Watching t.v and watching a programme called Diary of a wimpy kid.It is about a kid who starts middle school and is confident he's gonna be fine.Well this is it from my first blog of the holidays so stay safe and be careful around and near the roads and there will be plenty more blogs from me so see you later alligator.

Addition and Subtraction Strategies A Little Bit More/A Little Bit Less Homework sheet

Addition and Subtraction Strategies A Little Bit More/A Little Bit Less Homework sheet
I am learning to solve multiplication problems by taking some off or putting some on (Compensation)
Exercise 1 What to do
Use the information given to you to derive the answer to a similar problem.
1) If 3 × 40 = 120 what is 3 × 41 ?
123 because 3x40 is 120+3=123.
2) If 8 × 50 = 400 what is 8 × 51 ?
408 because 8x50 is 400+8=408.
3) If 4 × 70 = 280 what is 4 × 72 ?
284 because 4x70 is 280+4=284
Exercise 2 What to do
Use the information given to you to derive the answer to a similar problem.
1) If 7 × 30 = 210 what is 7 × 29 ?
203 because 7x30 is 210-7=203.
2) If 8 × 80 = 640 what is 8 × 79 ?
632 because 8x80 is 640-8=632.
3) If 6 × 20 = 120 what is 6 × 19 ?
114 because 6x20 is 120-6=114.
Exercise 3 What to do
Use the information given to you to derive the answer to a similar problem.
1) If 9 × 40 = 360 what is 9 × 42 ?
378 because 9x40 is 360+18=378
2) If 7 × 30 = 210 what is 7 × 33 ?
231 because 7x30 is 210+21=231
3) If 5 × 40 = 200 what is 5 × 42 ?
210 because 5x40 is 200+10=210.
Exercise 4 What to do
Use the information given to you to derive the answer to a similar problem.
1) If 6 × 40 = 240 what is 6 × 38 ?
228 because 6x40 is 240-12=228
2) If 7 × 60 = 420 what is 7 × 57 ?
399 because 7x60 is 420-21=399
3) If 5 × 30 = 150 what is 5 × 28 ?
140 because 5x30 is 150-10=140
Exercise 5 What to do
Use the information given to you to derive the answer to a similar problem.
1) If 4 × 600 = 2400 what is 4 × 601 ?
2404 because 4x600 is 2400+4=2404
2) If 7 × 800 = 5600 what is 7 × 801 ?
5607 because 7x800 is 5600+7=5607
3) If 3 × 400 = 1200 what is 3 × 402 ?
1206 because 3x400 is 1200+6=1206
Exercise 6 What to do
Use the information given to you to derive the answer to a similar problem.
1) If 9 × 200 = 1800 what is 9 × 199 ?
1791 because 9x200 is 1800-9=1791
2) If 5 × 300 = 1500 what is 5 × 299 ?
1495 because 5x300 is 1500-5=1495
3) If 3 × 400 = 1200 what is 3 × 398 ?
1194 because 3x400 is 1200-6=1194
Exercise 7 What to do
Use the information given to you to derive the answer to a similar problem.
1) If 2 × 25 = 50 what is 2 × 23 ?
46 because 2x25 is 50-4=46
2) If 4 × 25 = 100 what is 4 × 26 ?
104 because 4x25 is 100+4=104.
3) If 3 × 15 = 45 what is 3 × 16 ?
48 because 3x15 is 45+3=48
Exercise 8 What to do
Use the strategy add a little/subtract a little to solve these problems.
Julie wanted to find 3 × 28.
She knows that 28 is near 30, so she used 3 × 30 = 90 and subtracted 3 × 2 = 6 to get the answer.
Julie recorded this in her maths book
3 × 28 = 90 – 6 = 84
Using Julie’s method find the answer to the following problems. Record your working like Julie did.
1) 5 × 19
100 – 5 = 95
(2) 6 × 41
240 + 6 = 246
(3) 3 × 59
180 – 3 = 177
4) 4 × 52
200 + 8 = 208
(5) 3 × 73
210 + 9 = 219
(6) 8 × 37
320 – 24 = 296
7) 3 × 102
300 + 6 = 306
(8) 6 × 301
(9) 8 × 598

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My Letter to Mrs Parker.

Room 10
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes 1072
8 September 2014

Mrs Stephanie Parker
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes
Auckland 1072

Dear Mrs Parker,

I am writing this letter to say thank you for being an amazing teacher to me. You always push me to do my best. Mrs Parker, you are someone I look up to.

Mrs Parker I have learned interesting things from you. My favourite subject  is Mathematics and you teach it in an interesting way.

Once again I would like to thank you for teaching me stuff such as maths, reading and writing. I wish you could be my teacher next year but I have to go to college. Thank you very much once again.

Yours sincerely


Thursday, 4 September 2014


Where is Mexico?
Mexico is a country with a large population which is located in the continent/region of North America.
Countries near Mexico include Guatemala, Belize, United States of America and El Salvador.
Flag of Mexico.

In Mexico the greeting is either Senor or Senora.
The Language they speak is Mexican.
Money Currency

Mexican peso

Monday, 1 September 2014

My Letter to my Sister

Monday 1st September  

Dear Mele,

I am writing to say thank you for looking after me while I was sick with the flu, thank you for doing all my chores and helping me with my homework.

I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here helping me. I really appreciate just how kind you are.

Once again I’d like to thank you for looking after me and taking time off to do it.

Yours Sincerely,
Malulu Faaui

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Yesterday my mom and I woke up and got ready and waited for the taxi to take us to Starship Hospital to do my Chemotherapy.

When we arrived at Starship we went and did my blood test. It was very painful but I was use to it. Then we went to Level 7(Oncology Ward) to wait for the doctor to give us some numbing cream and a plaster.When I was waiting for the doctor to call us I was thinking about Room 10 and how much fun they were having exploring the Rocky shore and Rocky Pools then the doctor yelled out “Malulu we are ready to see you”.Then they told me I am nearly finished in a few more months.

When the doctor finished inserting my chemo into my port we rang the taxi and waited outside.I was very glad it was over because I wanted to go home and rest.

Monday, 12 May 2014


Yesterday Glenbrae School had their Inquiry Presentations.Room 10 and I went to each classroom and learnt something new.We learnt that the tallest tree is possibly 66.5 and is called the Kahikatea or the White Pine.We learnt that we need to know how to read maps and what you need to take with you.In our class we learnt that we need to tell someone where we are going at all times and where we are going.


Today Room 10 made loopy people.We learnt how to Measure body parts,Half the measurements and apply the half measurements.This picture shows a loopy version of me.The part I found hard was measuring my body then halving it but the bit I found easy was cutting and gluing it together.

Friday, 9 May 2014

In Flanders Field By John McCrae

In Flanders Field
by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae

Reading Tasks

Task 1: Learn
  1. What kind of a poem is ‘In Flanders Field’?It is a Randeau
  2. What is a randeau? Find from the world wide web an example of a randeau.A poem of ten or thirteen lines with only two rhymes throughout and with the opening words used twice as a refrain.
     3    When was Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae inspired to write the poem? What main event was happening then?Lieutenant Colonel John Mccrae got inspired to write this poem after he came back from the funeral.The main event happening at the time was the World War.l
  1. How many years is it since WWI?A century.
  2. In whose honour was the poem written?His Friend Alexis Helmer.
  3. What does the reference to the red poppy symbolise? Read here
           It symbolises the remembrance of those who fought for us in the war. In other countries they call it Armistice Day (November 11) but in New Zealand we call it ANZAC Day(Australia New Zealand Army Corps).

Task 2: Create
  1. Use Google draw or Sumo Paint to draw an ANZAC poppy or take a photo of a poppy. SKUXX POPPY.jpg
  2. Write a message for the soldiers who gave their lives up in the World Wars, defending us.Thank you soldiers for dedicating your life for us so we can live.We are very grateful.Thank you for setting us free.We can't thank you enough.
  3. Write the message the soldiers gave us in the poem ‘In Flanders Field’.
           To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high.

           If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders          fields.

  1. Write a rhyming poem about Wars and why they bring destruction to mankind.
          Wars are cruel
They make people sad
When they go to war
They sometimes never come back

People lose their fathers
And kids get sad
They say they want them back
That's why wars are bad
Task 3: Share
1.Upload your poem about Wars to your blog.

Lest we forget!
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