Friday, 27 September 2013

Sunshine Online

Sunshine Online

Hey everybody, this is an activity that I did on sunshine online.This game requires memory and sounding out.You had to sound it out whether it's a long "u" sound or a short "u" sound.I got 8/4.Lets see what you got so jump on sunshine online and test your memory.

Ripper Rugby

Today Room 10 had a hysterical Ripper Rugby session with a guy called Hamish.First of all we went outside and lined up quietly and when we arrived onto the court we began by running 2 laps around the court then when we finished with our 2 laps we had to do 10 push-ups.

Firstly we lined up on the white line and we stretched.After that Hamish split us into 4 teams, Red, White, Blue and Yellow. My group was Siupeli, Danielle, Tama, Katalina and Me. The first team we were up against were Red. We started off pretty well.Hamish blew the whistle and away we went.Siupeli ran and tried to go to the try  line but then he got tagged and then he saw that I was open then he threw the pass and the ball went flying like a football ball and I leaped and I got a corner try. Then me and Siupeli finished off the game with 4 tries each.Our next opponent was blue.Tama caught the ball and ran for the try line and we were in front 4-2 and then we finished the game off by scoring another 2 tries and the full-time score was 6-2.Now our last match was against White.We needed to win this match to win the tournament.We started off perfectly with Tama and I scoring a try each then they came back strongly and finished the game off with the full-time score 7-2.

Now it was time for Hamish to announce which team won and which team lost.”White came 1st, Yellow came 2nd, Blue came 3rd and Red came last”.It was our last week so we said Thank you.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Day in Mr Singh's Classroom.

Woohoo!! On Wednesday I got to experience what they do in Room 7.We started off the morning by talking about the school treaty and what does it mean.After that Mr. Nath took the role while we were preparing for reading and when we were preparing for reading Mr. Nath was writing some activities. My book was about a community who had lots of bank robberies and they wanted it to stop so I wrote a  template. Secondly, we started Writing. Room 7 were talking about things that pollute the world. I partnered up with Joseph and Bono. Then after Interval we had Maths and Art.Right after Lunch we had a little bit of Topic Studies then to finish off the day we had to go to the hall for the Starship Health clinics.We learned about how you can get skin infections, a streptococcus throat and rheumatic fever. Rooms 7, 8 and 9 assembled into the hall quietly and sat down. Nurse Un explained to us how rheumatic fever can affect your heart. Nurse Un told us that two nurses and a community worker will come three days a week next term. At the end she gave us a consent form for us to take home to our parents to sign so they can have permission to check us if we are contagious. At the end we said thank you to Nurse Un and we went home.