Thursday, 29 August 2013

Malulu Faaui and Douglas "SKUXX" Pua Persuasive Writing.

Rubbish Dumping

Are you scared you might get arrested for littering? In my neighbourhood people are dropping rubbish on the ground. I feel strongly that it should stop because it is going to look like a rubbish dump as well as polluting our community.  It is illegal to dump rubbish on any public or private land without permission. I believe that the police should have surveillance cameras everywhere and especially public areas.  I know that the people of New Zealand can put their own rubbish in the bin.

First of all, we need to show the world that we have a clean and healthy environment to live in and that will also attract more tourists where I feel that will definitely better our economics.

In addition, I believe that the police should have surveillance cameras everywhere. So we can catch the people who litters and give them a $500.00 dollar fine.

Furthermore, by law if you dump rubbish in public or on private land, the possible charge that the mayor could give you is $1000.00   But they still do it because they think that it is okay to dump rubbish anywhere and everywhere.

Finally, I can assure you that people can help each other to keep New Zealand clean.
I believe that the people of New Zealand can put their own rubbish in the bin.  Just imagine what it would be like to live in such a litter free country.  Everyone will live healthy and most of all will probably live longer.Please help me stamp out polluting our environment.

Friday, 9 August 2013

The Sock Funeral Activities

Term 3 - Week 1
Groups 1 & 2 -  Reading a Poem
Resource: ‘The Sock Funeral’ by Gwenda McKay
(Read About, Think About Book 1)

WALT read and enjoy poetry

Knowledge Questions: Learn
  1. Where do the lost socks’ partners wait? In the odd-sock box
  2. What are the socks tired of doing? Warming peoples toes.
  3. What colours are the socks in the poem? Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.
Explain your answer.No it does not.

Comprehension Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   4.    Does the poet think both socks from a pair usually get lost? No   
   5.    Are the socks happy or sad to leave? Happy because in the poem it says      “Dancing away to have some fun.
   6.    What do you think is the main idea of the poem? To never lose your socks.
          Explain your answer.Upload your explanation to your blog after
          conferencing with the teacher. (Task 1)

Application Questions: Learn, Create, Share
   7.   Explain how one sock from a pair might go missing in your home.You might take it off to go sleep and then you wake up in the morning and its not there anymore.
   8.   What questions would you ask a runaway sock? Why did you run away? Where did you go?
Thinking beyond: Learn, Create, Share
Analysis:  How could you solve the ‘one lost sock’ problem?Send everyone into each room and tell them to look for the missing sock.
Synthesis: Design a holiday resort for runaway socks. What activities and accommodation might socks enjoy? (Consider the different types of socks that get lost - football, work, party, school socks.) Take a screenshot of your tux paint / drawing design and upload it to your blog. (Task 4)

Evaluation: Do you believe having only one type or design of sock in your sock drawer would be a good idea?   Explain why. Upload your explanation to your blog after conferencing with the teacher.
(Task 5)

Hands on: Design a ‘Wanted’ poster for socks you have lost. Remember to include a detailed description, contacts and possibly a reward. Take a screenshot of your poster and upload it to your blog. (Task 6)

Malulu's Self Portrait

These were the steps I used to make my self portrait.

Step 1. Set up time layers in photoshop.
Step 2. Sketch the image of your first passion.
Step 3. Save the finished sketch as a PNG file.
Step 4. Upload the PNG file into your google drive.
Step 5. Complete the save process for the other five images

This is my self portrait