Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy

On the 30/11/12 in the East Coast of North America  people were starting to evacuate from their homes because of the Huge Monstrous Hurricane Sandy that was hitting the East Coast.They shut down transportation and the substation.Their homes were badly flooded.There were broken houses and damaged cars.There were 61 deaths in the Hurricane.People were shocked after the Hurricane.About 6.5 million homes and businesses NY and NJ still had no electricity.The news called Hurricane Sandy “Frankenstorm”.It was a disastrous moment for the people because they were not expecting anything like Hurricane Sandy.


Jay said...

You have used some clear descriptive words to write this article Malulu. From your sentences, I can tell you understand the meaning of these words. I hope that everyone is beginning to get life back to normal now the storm has gone.
Mrs B

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