Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Hero Story

A Hero’s Story.

Setting-New York City
Hayden(The Uber Tide)Super-Strength - Hayden’s powers mean he’s now the strongest person alive, able to hurl cars at fleeing bad guys, knock over buildings with my bare hands, and accidentally wrench doors off their hinges at every opportunity.
Tevita(The Web Flamer)Spider-Powers - Tevita’s powers give’s him the advantages of a spider - wall-crawling, super-fast reaction times, amazing strength, and the ability to produce a white, sticky and not-metaphoric-in-the-slightest substance!

Story is a about 2 best friends who fight crime in New york city and then have a fallout about who does all the fighting and who saves the day all the time.Then one night they get a beep alert from Professor Einstein on a very important mission, the mayor has been kidnapped by the joker.Be in touch to see if Hayden and Tevita save the day or does the mayor get killed in the hands of the evil joker..........


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